Kansas City Attractions


1.Downtown of Kansas City

The downtown of Kansas City can brag of a set of beautiful and interesting buildings. Main regions of the central part of the city: River Market, Loop, Crossroads Arts District, Crown Center, Union Station. Here the modern trade and entertaining area is located P&L (Power and Light District). Also 2 more areas located to the South from a downtown cause interest: Brookside и Country Club Plaza. also the downtown is the main sight of Kansas of city

2. Sporting club Kansas City

Sporting club Kansas City. Kansas City can brag of a large number of professional teams and competitions. In leading leagues of Kansas City it is presented football Kansas City Chiefs (act on the 76-thousand arena Arrowhead Stadium) and baseball Kansas City Royals (act at 40-thousand stadium Kauffman Stadium).the next Kansas City (Kansas) the club is based Sporting Kansas City (European soccer). Also in the State of Kansas there is a racing track Kansas Speedway, where the set of competitions, including popular races of a series is carried out NASCAR.

. Feyrfaks Bridge

Feyrfaks Bridge - the well-known bridge through the river Missouri which connects a konurbation of the cities of Kansas City (State of Kansas) and Kansas City (State of Missouri). the view from this bridge bewitches, he is really beautiful, also this bridge has historical value

kansas city missouri plaza

4. National World War I Museum

National World War I Museum. Children, and for adults can find something it seems interest to this museum. Excellent interactive exhibitions and beautiful architecture. You can travel the museum in some hours or spend the whole day and not be bothered. The museum there is a lot of aspects of events before that, in time, and after war in interesting displays and information. As none of us didn't live during this war, and it won't mention in information very much history classes, the TV or literature, we unaware of the lessons learned from it. This museum allows guests to study and belong to quickly (high level) or to spend many hours on a detail. We recommend it. it is the museum a surprising place.it there are models full-scale battle conditions. It really gives you good idea of how it was similar to be in trenches. It is one of the best museums. But nevertheless it is more intended for adults.

5. Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium . If you weren't in Kauffman stadium in KC, you passed a lot of things. Repair made this stadium one of the best in the country. It thus, cheerfully and very conveniently to get to number, to park and leave. Tailgating excellent, and prices ticket the good. If owners continue to build and not to be discharged, look for MLB. Royal hotel go Family members. The personnel in this stadium the very pleasant.place from any arrangement at stadium. Excellent the board is visible. Also it is very easy to reach on stadium.

1.Downtown of Kansas City The downtown of Kansas City can brag of a set of beautiful and interesting buildings. Main regions of the central part

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