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. Event marketing

.1 Definition and meaning of event marketing

.2 Types of events

. Event Marketing in Red Bull GmbH

.1 Red Bull GmbH: facts and history

.2 Red Bull GmbH events


modern market develops rough rates, the huge number of advertizing falls daily upon the consumer from screens of TVs, from pages of newspapers and magazines, falls out on it of an air, and waits for it continually on city streets. The consumer is protected, ceasing to perceive an advertisement: switching the TV on commercial breaks, glancing over advertizing turns, rotating handles of radio stations. Traditional advertizing appears less and less effective.Producers of production look for exits in the different ways: inventing super original creative concepts, enticing the consumer gifts, setting on the intriguing advertizing. One of ways of overcoming of crisis - Event marketing - advance of goods or service by means of creation and the organization of the special events creating emotional communications between the consumer and a brand.marketing - event marketing (systematic organization of events as platforms of presentation of goods (service) in order that by means of emotional influence to make active attention of target group to goods (service).special event - isn't simple to draw a way attention of the consumer to your brand. Depending on a format and content of an event - there is this or that positioning of brand. And, there is it much more simply, more distinctly than by means of usual advertizing media (ATL).in order that Event marketing brought serious return, it is necessary to build competently and consistently all process: from statement of the purposes and tasks to a choice of content of action and ways of its lighting. Only at such approach you taste all advantages of this method and you will be able providently to avoid shortcomings.aim of this work is to study in detail all the key aspects of Event Marketing.objectives are following:

to describe Event Marketing;

to study types of events;

to show Event Marketing using Red Bull GmbH example.

1. Event marketing

.1 Definition and meaning of event marketing

marketing is a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers at special events like concerts, fairs, and sporting events. Brands use event marketing entertainment (like shows, contests, or parties) to reach consumers through direct hand-to-hand sampling or interactive displays. The practice works because it engages consumers while theyre in a willing, participatory position.successful event marketing campaign provides value to attendees beyond information about a product or service. A discount, free sample, charity alignment, or fun event will make customers feel like they are receiving a benefit and not just attending a live-action commercial.contrast to traditional advertising, which blasts millions of consumers with the same general television, radio or billboard message, event marketing targets specific individuals or groups at gathering spots, in hopes of making quality individual impressions.key to pulling off an effective event marketing campaign is to identify the target audience correctly and create an experience that remains in participants memories. By finding an opportunity to interact with the right demographic of people - both current customers and prospective buyers - a brand can build favorable impressions and long-lasting relationships. The best, most creative events create interactions that not only reflect positively on the brand at the time, but generate a buzz long after the event is over.long as a business is able to track and identify their target audience, they can find a way to appeal directly to them. For example, if a company sells sporting products, they can market at a sporting event. If they sell technology products, they can offer demonstrations of the latest and greatest technologies at a convention event.fact, any company that provides a product can give out samples, as long as it isnt illegal. Even companies whose products arent able to be handed out as samples (like pharmaceutical companies or doctors offices) can provide interactive experiences to consumers.For example, a company that manufactures a medication for high blood pressure could set up a machine that takes blood pressure readings next to a booth supplying literature on their drug.marketing shouldnt take the place of traditional or community marketing, but should be a supplemental tactic to both. If a brands national commercials feature a well-known mascot, for example, that mascot could make an appearance at an event and pose for photos with attendees.marketing is unique because each event must be approached differently - in this respect, a marketing team doesnt necessarily need an overarching plan for their various events. Instead, it is important to base each individual event marketing tactic upon the brands overall marketing plan and how it fits into the personality of the event. By approaching each event as a separate chance to make an impression, a brand can tailor their efforts to best impact each audience., teams must consider three aspects when developing an event marketing plan. First, the company should consider the personality that their brand is trying to convey. A brand like Coca-Cola, who has historically tried to place their product as a harbinger of global peace, happiness, and simple pleasure, made an excellent choice by installing vending machines that dispensed happiness along with soft drinks., company must keep their target audiences in mind. In recent years, grassroots efforts by mens heath coalitions have popularized Movember, a November-long moustache-growing contest to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other cancers affecting men. This initiative would never have taken hold if not for the ironic popularity of moustaches among young men, the audience who could most benefit from mens cancer awareness., companies need to consider what lasting impression they wish to leave on their audience. Many people remember the 2005 Sony campaign where the company dropped - and filmed - 250,000 bouncy balls on the streets of San Francisco in order to advertise the color display their new Bravia LCD television was capable of.can impress event crowds through a variety of creative tactics, not just sheer visual appeal. For example, one tactic that brands use is to create an event within an event. The idea is to create a compelling reason for patrons to stop and explore your brand, not just another booth for them to walk past. At the Sundance film festival, Ray Ban sunglasses put on a truth-or-dare themed campaign, which was fun for participants and also translated into social media shares after the event was over.marketing can also be much more subtle - many companies use QR codes on their posters and branding materials that work to integrate physical and virtual branding. These QR codes can lead users to mobile sites offering discounts and special offers on physical products. Additionally, some companies offer exclusive event benefit coupons to those who like them on Facebook.

.2 Types of events

are almost countless types of events, some are demanded frequently by customers, and others seldom find in-depth information about the most important types of events.

·Conferences <#"justify">2. Event Marketing in Red Bull GmbH

.1 Red Bull GmbH: facts and history

Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian company which sells the Red Bull <#"justify">2.2 Red Bull GmbH events

·Red Bull Stratos was a space diving <#"center">event marketing promotional


marketing strategy of the company is based on quite standard tool kit: mass advertizing in mass media, participation and organization of events, sponsorship, PR support etc. But the surrounding reality changes every day, competitors think out the new non-standard courses, and the potential consumer becomes more and more sophisticated in the addictions and ceases to react to direct advertizing as that.'s when there is a new marketing strategy which fundamental component is the Event-marketing - the complex organization of events directed on emotional contact with audience which is come during action, gives the universal chance to affect target audience is thinner and is more effective.of events now are very huge amount. Here is the business orientation (conferences, seminars, etc.), and personal events, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and others.an example of Red Bull GmbH is shown, how exactly the company can attract the target audience by event marketing. Event marketing of this company is so various and broad, that they have about 40 various events unlike at each other, and remain leaders in area of event marketing.


.Rough - неровный - having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level;

.Continually - непрерывно - repeated frequently in the same way, regularly;

.Cease - прекращать - come or bring to an end;

.Remain - оставаться - continue to exist, especially after other similar people or things have ceased to do so;

.Anniversary - годовщина - the date on which an event took place or an institution was founded in a previous year;

.Fundamental - основной - forming a necessary base or core;

.Thinner - растворитель - a volatile solvent used to make paint or other solutions less viscous;

.Participation - участие - the action of taking part in something;

.Surrounding - окружение - all round a particular place or thing;

.Sophisticated - утонченный - having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture;

.Addiction - склонность - the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity;

.Influential - влиятельный - having great influence on someone or something;

.Contemporary - современник - living or occurring at the same time;

.Invitation - приглашение - a written or verbal request inviting someone to go somewhere or to do something;

.Collaborate - сотрудничать - work jointly on an activity or project;

.Maintain - поддерживать - cause or enable to continue;

.Hosts - хозяин - a person who receives or entertains other people as guests;

.Edition - издание - a particular form or version of a published text;

.Layout - планировка - the way in which the parts of something are arranged or laid out;

.Notorious - печально известный - famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.


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