Business plan



1.1Title of the project

Café- restaurant Korean BBQ

1.2Initiator of the project

project introduces establishment of a new enterprise Korean BBQ that will be registered in the name of private entrepreneur PE Serdyukova with an authorized capital of 300 000 (three hundred thousand) rubles.

.3 Objectives

Goal of the project: launching of a unique Korean cuisine café- restaurant based on a self - cooking barbecue scheme in Blagoveshchensk (Amur region, Russia); café- restaurant is primarily targeted at servicing during lunch time and evenings.

.4 Strategy and major stages of projects fruition

·Devising of project documentation, acquiring of necessary permits for business dealing in the sphere of public catering;

·Purchase and refurbishment of the premises;

·Installation of the equipment;

·Conducting of advertisement campaign and personnel hiring;

·Launching and maintaining of the project.

Stages of projects implementation and the time frames are outlined in Table № 1.

Table № 1

№ActionsTime frames Jan 11Feb 11March 11April 111-1010 - 20 20- 30 1 - 1010 - 2020 - 301 - 1010- 2020 - 301Devising of project documentation, acquiring of necessary permits 2Signing of contracts for equipment supply 3Purchase of the premise 4Preparation and refurbishment of production space and storeroom 5Personnel hiring 6Delivery and installation of the equipment 7Purchase and delivery of raw produce 8Conducting of advertisement campaign 9Restaurants opening 10Start of production

1.5 Product

of Korean cuisine dishes, high service level and providing of community with recreation area.


2.1 Analysis of the industry sector

restaurant market emerged in Russia recently; nevertheless, it is rapidly developing. According to the all-Union State Standard Р 50762-95, there are three groups of restaurants: luxe, prime and the first, that imply certain sets of requirements to the restaurants. There is also a common classification of restaurants with regard to price level:

fine dining (minimal bill 50 USD);

casual dining (average bill - 10-50 USD);

fast-food (average bill - 5-10 USD);

cafes, coffee hause (average bill - 5-15 USD);

clubs, canteens. reports reveal that medium cost restaurants present the most opportune sector of the market. For instance, fast - food branch is only 15-20 % occupied and its filling will take at least 5 years. of public catering in the Amur region comprises 1200 companies, approximately 54 % out of which are generally accessible. More than 200 of generally accessible public catering businesses are situated in Blagoveshchensk. The majority of them (110 units) has a status of a café and specializes chiefly in Chinese cuisine (56 cafes). turnover of public catering sector in the Amur region in actual prices has increased by 7.5 times and in physical quantity by more than 3 times since 2003. Level of citizens provision with generally accessible public catering seats equals 74 %. The norm of 40 seats per 1000 capita is fulfilled only in Blagoveshchensk (44 seats), Tynda and Uglegorsk. augmentation of public catering services quantity, the number of businesses in the sector has not extended conformably. In 2005 the market included 578 restaurants, in 2006 - 630, and in 2007 - 600. Even though 23 % of them have a foreign cuisine specialization, just a few have a corresponding decoration and specific traditions. Nonetheless, average seat turnover comprises 2,5 and 0,5 people per day in Chinese restaurants and other ones respectively.

2- Forecast of public catering market capacity

Data20102011201220132014Monthly average accrued wages in the Amur region17338,30 Monthly average accrued wages in Blagoveshchensk18118,50 Year average market accession rate0,20 Market size of the Amur region (mln. rubles) 2835,93403,084083,704900,445880,52Market size of Blagoveshchensk (mln. rubles) 697,55837,061004,471205,371446,44Population size of the Amur region (thousands of people)903,00 Population size of Blagoveshchensk (thousands of people)212,55 Portion of Blagoveshchensk population in the population of the Amur region0,24 in all, the market is attractive albeit being saturated with multiple homogeneous cafes and restaurants.

2.2 Analysis of produces market

s locationrestaurant will be situated in the city center among business centers, malls and office buildings. Therefore, a processing area located in the building of a business center will be purchased for 7050 thousand rubles. Overall area is 111 square meters, including 81 square meters of dining room. It is scheduled to acquire additional office area in 2013, thus the dining area will be expanded to 91 square meters. descriptioncuisine is considered to be one of the most peculiar among Asian cuisines. Since it has been evolving separately from neighboring Chinese and Japanese cuisines, it formed a unique blend of tastes and recipes. Bearing in mind that people living in the Russian Far East show preference to Asian cuisines, Korean cuisine has all necessary prerequisites for becoming a favorite. Likewise, a new format of each tables equipment with mini oven and self-cooking of traditional dishes within 15 minutes will be attractive for perspective customers.intended menu will include:

pork (frozen and thinly sliced, it will be cooked by the clients; seasoning, sauce and lettuce will be available unrestrictedly);

beef (frozen and thinly sliced, it will be cooked by the clients; seasoning, sauce and lettuce will be available unrestrictedly);

soup 1 (ghuk i tkhan);

soup 2 (yukkedyan);

3 types of various salads;

selection of vegetables;

boiled rice (bap);

fried rice with vegetables;

beverages (coffee, tea, beer, juice, Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta).of clients

Intended target group of the Korean BBQ café-restaurant lives in Blagoveshchensk and has an income exceeding subsistence level. Presumably, customers of the café- restaurant will comprise of young people and other employed working-age population. Specifically, Korean BBQ will be popular with middle-aged males (30-60 years old) since they possess highest incomes and prefer suggested produce (especially beer and meat).

2.3 Analysis of business rivals

are no direct business rivals who would introduce the same commodities and services to the market, however indirect business rivals are presented by multifarious Chinese restaurants situated in the city center. Nevertheless, creation of unique Korean culture ambience and an opportunity to make customized traditional Korean dishes will single the café-restaurant out of them.

2.4 Marketing plan

Marketing strategymajor goal of the project at the current stage is entering the market and subsequent promotion of its market position. Consequently, marketing strategy will contain augmenting of demand through increasing of sales volume, price policy, nonprice competition, and creation of enviable reputation. It will the following measures:

.Printing and distribution of advertising leaflets in offices, business and trade centers;

2.TV and radio commercials.

Dynamics of approximate advertisement expenditures for the first 4 years of the café-restaurants operation is presented below.

outline of advertisement expenditures is provided below.

the first year of companys operation the expenditures on marketing measures will require 7 % of the gains, in the posterior periods this number will not transcend 3 %. addition a signboard will be ordered for the café-restaurant entrance, its price is 3160 rubles.


Korean BBQ will be a medium price restaurant; production cost and intended profit constitute a base for the pricing.

№ 3- Structure of production prime cost

Portion of the sale priceExpenditures2011201220132014raw materials29,5%27,1%25,8%25,6%labor expenditures3,2%2,5%2,2%2,1%operating expenditure11,4%8,2%5,7%5,4%managerial expenditure29,0%15,7%14,5%14,8%depreciation3,5%2,2%1,5%1,8%commercial expenditure7,2%2,2%1,7%1,9%taxes2,4%1,1%0,8%0,8%profits13,7%40,9%47,8%47,5%


3.1 Volume of sales

forecast was elaborated with a reference to public catering markets capacity and the size of Korean BBQ (44 seats, distributed among 4 tables for 6 persons and 5 tables for 4 persons).Volume of sales is estimated according to loading of the restaurant, average bill and seasonality. Monthly volume of sales forecast is presented on the graphs below:

sales volume increases disproportionally due to commodities ciclicity laws.

.2 Prime cost of the output

estimation was conducted proceeding from average commodities prices set by prospective suppliers.

№4 - Prime cost output

Prime cost (sum of variable costs)pork, 100 g (with seasoning and lettuce)beef, 100 g (with seasoning and lettuce)soup 1 (ghuk i tkhan)soup 2 (yukkedyan)Salad 1 (kimchi)Salad 2 (carrot)Salad 3(soy-bean meat and champignons)selection of vegetablesboiled rice (bap)fried rice with vegetables201163,11755,53837,3746,80839,728,22847,00538,3531,0236,90201257,23951,49930,5242,5536,324,15543,1135,5625,2932,22201353,09248,64925,6839,6533,921,38240,4533,6621,429,04201455,16150,38927,0340,52835,421,83941,0934,0122,0429,9a result of sales volume accretion prime cost is gradually decreasing.

3.3 Personnel and company management

Korean BBQ will be registered in the form of private entrepreneur (PE) in order to simplify registration process and taxation system.the chief manager will be responsible for:

Organization and control of the restaurants work;

-Its condition, and personnels condition;

Representation of the enterprise;

Being in command of companys property;

Signing of contracts;

Opening of enterprises bank accounts;

Search of suppliers;

Issuing orders, hiring and firing of personnel.

Accountant will be in charge of financial matters and occupy the position of vice-director. Overall, Korean BBQ will employ 9 staff members. Personnel arrangements are displayed in table №5.

№ 5 - Personnel arrangements at Korean BBQ café-restaurant

PositionNumber of employeesSalary, in rubles (monthly average accrued)2011201220132014Director135000350004000045000Accountant125000250003000035000Manager117000170002000025000Waiter2 (3-since 2012)10500105001150011500Cook18792,0211 163,5513670,7914 899,14Cooks assistant16605,878390,39510777,0310 948,86Cleaner26000600060006500cooking scheme practiced in the restaurant will contribute to retrenchment of personnel expenditures.


4.1 Cost of the project

cost of the project is estimated as 8300 thousand rubles, comprising 8000 thousand rubles loan and 300 thousand rubles of equity. 7050 thousand rubles will be spent on purchasing and refurbishing of the premises, 385.6 thousand on manufacturing equipment, 82.08 thousand on other equipment, and 358 thousand of rubles on raw materials.

.2 Sources of finance

loan will be acquired for the purpose of projects fruition, minimum preparatory period will take 1 month and the interest rate set by the bank-loaner is 18 %. Disbursement of the major debt will be launched after two years. Ultimate loan payment period is 36 month since its receiving.

4.3 Internal rate of return analysis

IRR 85%90%95%100%105%110%115%IRR and changes in volume of sales0,00%2,26%2,82%3,33%3,81%3,30%4,68%IRR and changes in expenditures for raw materials3,74%3,60%3,47%3,33%3,19%3,04%2,90%IRR and changes in labor expenditures (operational personnel)3,37%3,35%3,34%3,33%3,29%3,30%3,22%IRR and changes in operating expenditure3,44%3,40%3,37%3,33%3,29%3,25%3,22%

4.4 Net present value analysis (in rubles)

NPV 85%90%95%100%105%110%115%To changes in volume of sales947891,02570802,64193714,35816625,97439537,69062449,310685360,9To changes in expenditures for raw materials7180788,56726067,66271346,85816625,95361905,14907184,34452463,4To and changes in labor expenditures (operational personnel)5935353,65895777,75856201,85816625,95777050,05737474,15697898,2To changes in operating expenditure6164753,56048711,05932668,55816625,95700583,45584540,95468498,4

The project is steadfast to fluctuation of expenditures and decline in sales volume. The major threat to projects fruition is presented by augmenting expenditures for raw materials, however the risk is not critical.


.1 Investments

greatest portion of investments (7549323,31 rubles) will be directed to fixed assets and repairing works.

№6 -Structure of fixed assets

Itemquantity, piecesPrice per unitCost without VATlongevityItems with longevity of 1-2 years plates (set, 10 pieces.)1460084001Cutlery set545022501Tea cups605030001Glasses (set, 10 pieces.)630018001Beer glasses (set, 10 pieces.)550025001Garbage can22004001Small kitchen stock1350035001ashtray51005001carafe1020020001Napking holder with seasoning parisons 9504501Soap dish2901801Total for group 1 24980 Items with longevity of 2-3 yearscash register and its installation113000,0013000,003kettle21500,003000,003rice cooker, Panasonic SR-42GHXN, for 20 portions22150,004300,003signboard1312031203mirror23006003Toilet paper holder22004003Dispensable towels holder23507003hangers2180036003Air-conditioner22800056000curtains22000,004000,003Total for group 288720,00Items with longevity of 3-5yearschair47855,0040185,005Working surface PN35C7 with case GN 1/119320,009320,005computer223200464005phone17007005Set of office furniture120000200005Total for group 3116605,00Items with longevity of 5-7 yearsTable with inbuilt oven imported from China912368,75111318,756Audio system1500050006Total for group 4116318,75Items with longevity of 7-10 yearsFridge Biryusa 199K214528,7829057,5610freezer ЕL-22212587,0025174,0010bar counter128300,0028300,0010oven 74/02TCG132000,0032000,0010Professional dishwasher Е50126828,0026828,0010WC pan with installation22550510010Sink with installation23120624010Total for group 5152699,56Items with longevity of 25-30 yearsPremises and their refurbishing 17050000,007050000,0030Total for group 97050000,00Total7549323,31

5.2 Taxes

concordance with chapter 26 TC RF, the company will utilize a simplified taxation scheme - unified tax on imputed income of individual entrepreneurs that accounts for 15 % of basic profitability. The enterprise will pay 29160 rubles quarterly until 2013, after acquiring of new premises - 32760 rubles in 2013 and 2014. It will also transfer 14 % of accrued wages as insurance installments.

.3 Extinguishment of the debt

business strategy management marketing

Extinguishment of the debt is presented in Table № 7.

Table № 7

YearMonthMajor debt before the beginning of monthExtinguishment of the major debtExtinguishment of interest rateLoan serviceTotal loan paymentsMajor debt in the end of month20111 8 000 00028 000 0000120 00040 000160 0008 000 00038 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00048 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00058 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00068 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00078 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00088 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00098 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000108 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000118 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000128 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000201218 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00028 000 0000120 00040 000160 0008 000 00038 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00048 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00058 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00068 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00078 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00088 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 00098 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000108 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000118 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000128 000 0000120 000 120 0008 000 000201318 000 000500 000120 000 620 0007 500 00027 500 000500 000112 50040 000652 5007 000 00037 000 000500 000105 000 605 0006 500 00046 500 000500 00097 500 597 5006 000 00056 000 000500 00090 000 590 0005 500 00065 500 000500 00082 500 582 5005 000 00075 000 000500 00075 000 575 0004 500 00084 500 000500 00067 500 567 5004 000 00094 000 0001 000 00060 000 1 060 0003 000 000103 000 0001 000 00045 000 1 045 0002 000 000112 000 0001 000 00030 000 1 030 0001 000 000121 000 0001 000 00015 000 1 015 0000

1. RESUME OF THE PROJECT 1.1Title of the project Café- restaurant Korean BBQ 1.2Initiator of the project project introduces establi

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